Can you easily take the right decisions for your business, while navigating through the fast changing web of public policies?

Spin Policy supports your efforts of getting closer to your goal



Spin Policy is an integrative platform of information and analyses on public policies, provided in an affordable, essential and integrated manner. A solution for businesses and non for profits to stay ahead of their time.

Single point of access to all relevant public policy information impacting your business

Clear, aggregated information delivered ahead of time

On – time alerts on the status and evolutions of the issues of interest

Smart monitoring with a spin of public affairs


from the big picture to the detailed information


a map of important impacts on your business

In time

following the snowball in media and
social media as events unfold

What you get

SpinPolicy offers organizations relevant, personalized and real-time information, centered around the topic of interest.

Personalized legislative follow-up:

* alerts with the important evolutions of the legislative processes
* weekly reports that are easy to read and resubmit
* online library with all relevant documents.

Personalized political & economic reports

* weekly aggregated information, which helps you identify trends and opportunities

Risk analyzes and alerts, anticipating the course, stages and implications of each process

* We follow the activity of the stakeholders and integrate the information in strategic recommendations
* We anticipate the course of each process and the specific implications
* We point out important events

Interpretation of the public policies processes and opportunities for intervention

* You will know when to make critical decisions and where there are opportunities for intervention

Identification of the relevant public positions for the pursued subject, from the online and offline sources

* We select from the multitude of news only what is important and relevant to you

Stakeholders mapping and interconnectivity between the main actors

* We provide information on all relevant stakeholders, their importance for the pursued subject and level of influence

The public agenda and debates that may have an impact on the pursued topic

* We are your observers in the most important debates, so that you can be able to identify the future risks.

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Spin Policy is a fully integrated intelligence platform, whose content is provided by highly experienced monitoring experts and public affairs consultants. The platform is co – founded by Point Public Affairs and Simbio Data Solutions.

Point Public Affairs is a leading lobbying and public affairs company in East European region, headquartered in Bucharest. It has a team of top experts and professionals in public affairs and corporate communication. We have learned all the hows and whats of the public affairs profession. We talk the public affairs language.

Simbio Data Solutions is a technological start-up, set up by highly experienced programmers, specialized in business solutions. Their exceptional expertise and experience have brought to life the public affairs dream tool.